When you're a new mother all you
want to do is make sure your baby is comfortable and content,
especially when it comes to bedtime. Research recently published in
the Daily Mail has shown that 46 per cent of parents lie to their
GP or midwife about sleeping with their babies in fear of being


co sleeping


It's a long-running debate that many parents have a
strong view on, whilst the expert advice around it can be


Some experts suggest that if you follow the below
guidelines, it is a safe place to sleep.


1) Keep the duvet and pillows away when positioning
your baby, making sure they are on the outside of the bed beside
you, separate from your partner or any other siblings.


2) Make sure that any long hair is tied back and
there are no loose strings on your nightwear to stop anything
wrapping around your baby.


3) Avoid alcohol and smoking, you may not wake up
when your baby needs you and it may cause you to accidentally roll


However, other health experts advise that the safest
way for your baby to sleep is in their moses basket or cot situated
in your bedroom for the first six months. Whether you are pro or
anti co-sleeping, what everyone will agree on as a new-parent is
that you will be tired. Our sleep expert Dr Nerina urges parents to
nap during the day and to take it in turns with your partner to
check on the baby if they wake up.


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