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privacy policy

Third-Party Whistleblowing (disclosure of information) Policy

Policy Number: BP014

Date of Issue: June 2023

Review Date: June 2024

The Company is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest possible standards regarding conduct at work, service to its customers, and all its working practices. To this end, it aims to ensure that third parties (e.g. suppliers, contractors and business partners) are fully aware that they should report concerns or suspicions about any wrongdoing or malpractice on the part of any employee of Silentnight and be assured that any information received will be treated seriously and, where possible, confidentially.

What should be reported

Where a third party reasonably believes any one or more of the following matters have, may have, or are likely to take place:

  • A criminal offence

  • A failure to comply with a legal obligation

  • A danger to the health and safety of an individual

  • Breach of environmental protection laws

  • Dishonesty

  • Inappropriate relationships with suppliers

  • False accounting or financial reporting irregularities

  • A breach of Silentnight’s rules or policies, e.g. Anti-Bribery Policy, Human Rights and Modern Slavery Policy

  • A deliberate concealment of any of the above matters.

Note: Any concerns, complaints or grievances related to your organisation’s internal operations and practices should be dealt with formally through your organisation’s normal reporting channels, policies, or procedures. Such issues are not covered under this Third-Party Whistleblowing Policy.


The following email should be used to seek advice or raise concerns in the first instance:


Once a concern or incident has been reported, Silentnight will make initial enquiries and decide if further investigation is needed. If so, Silentnight will decide whether this should be conducted internally or whether the matter should be referred externally. Where possible, we will advise you of the outcome of any investigations.

Protection against detrimental treatment

Any third party who does report their concerns will not be victimised or treated less favourably in any way as a result.

Deliberately raising false or malicious allegations is unacceptable and will be viewed extremely seriously by Silentnight.

Please note: It is the responsibility of all third-party suppliers, contractors and business partners to ensure they have familiarised themselves with the most current policies and procedures. These are reviewed regularly in line with the law and best practice changes. The most recent version is available on our Company website