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kids mattresses

Made in the UK, our kids’ mattresses are designed to help babies and toddlers get the sleep they need. Available in sizes from cot bed mattresses to kids’ single sizes, you can ensure you're keeping your child supported as they grow. Children's mattresses combine comfort, support, and safety to create the perfect sleep environment for your little ones. Choose a children’s mattress that nurtures their sleep and sets the stage for a lifetime of sweet dreams.

Our range of children's mattresses combine comfort, support, and safety to create the perfect sleep environment for your little ones. Discover features like hypoallergenic covers and breathable materials designed with children in mind. They are also foam and chemical-free so you can rest easy knowing your child is getting a safe night's sleep.

kids & babies mattress faqs

what type of mattress is best for kids?

The best type of mattress for kids continues to support your child as they grow and helps maintain a comfortable and healthy body temperature. Our kids mattresses offer great support along the whole mattress length so as they grow the mattress will be supported. Small children tend to get warm when sleeping, so a mattress with good breathability and temperature regulation is essential. Look for breathable materials like our breathable polyester core and breatahable covers.

how to choose a mattress for kids?

When it comes to choosing the right mattress for kids there are some factors that need to be considered such as finding the right support, comfort, size, and durability. High quality materials and breathable properties are desirable when choosing a mattress that will aid you with all your child’s needs and sleeping habits. With juniors who are ready for an adult sized bed, you might want to involve your child in the decision-making process, considering their comfort and sleep preferences, to ensure they have a good night's sleep on their new mattress.

what firmness of mattress should a child sleep on?

If your child is expressing discomfort on their mattress such as a sore neck or back, they may be sleeping on a mattress that is either too firm or soft. Opting for a medium to firm mattress can be beneficial for supporting their pressure points when moving around a lot in bed.

What size is a cot bed mattress?

Our cot bed mattresses have the following measurements: Width 70cm x Length 150cm x Depth 10cm.

What mattress is best for a baby cot?

A cot bed mattress should be firm and supportive to provide a safe sleeping environment for infants. Our cot bed mattresses are made from soft touch and breathable fabrics and are also hypoallergenic. Cot bed mattresses should have waterproof or washable covers to help maintain cleanliness and prevent moisture build-up.