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how to save energy at home

written by Liz Tabron

updated 14.10.2022

Woman wrapped up in a snugsie with fleece bedding and a warm electric blanket

The big question on everyone's lips these days is how to save on energy bills, especially in winter when central heating is our best friend.

But there are a number of things that you can do to ensure you stay as cosy as possible without costing the earth. From making sure your bed feels toasty warm to keeping snug with a wearable blanket, we share our top energy saving tips for battling the bills, so you can save money, energy and the planet (a little bit).

top tips for saving energy

How to save home energy is something we’re all starting to think about more. Whether it’s layering up, heating up smaller spaces or upgrading your curtains, let’s dig a little more into our home energy saving tips below.

heat your bed, not the bedroom

For the colder months make sure to swap your summer duvet to a dedicated winter one. When choosing a new winter duvet, the tog is an indicator of how warm it will be - the higher this number, the cosier you will feel. The Silentnight So Snug Winter Duvet is available in a choice of tog ratings including 13.5 and 15. It’s filled with soft and bouncy fibres, ensuring you stay cosy and comfortable during those cold winter nights. 

Adding an electric blanket to your bed will also keep you toasty warm, especially when the temperatures plummet. Although they use electricity, electric blankets are actually fairly cheap to run and are a great way to banish the cold from your bed. Check out our top tips for using electric blankets to get the most out of yours.

To further enhance comfort levels when it’s freezing cold at night, why not choose some fleecy winter bedding or you could even try a weighted blanket for a super-snug feel. For more ways to keep the cold at bay during the night, take a look at our winter bedding collection.

heat yourself

A wearable blanket, such as the Silentnight Snugsie, is a must-have for when you’re really feeling the chill. The perfect winter warmer, the Snugsie wearable blanket is made from ultra soft, lightweight teddy fleece and it even has an integrated foot pocket to keep your toes warm. Wearable blankets completely cover you up, but leave your hands free, making them a practical option for keeping warm and cosy.

Blankets and throws in general are a great way to layer up, helping you to keep warm. Make sure to add a couple of blankets or throws to your sofa, so you can easily grab one and wrap yourself up for instant cosy comfort.

layer up your clothing

Whether you’re working from home or watching TV, you soon get cold sitting still, so make sure to layer up your clothing to help you keep warm. Wear clothes made from natural fibres, such as wool and fleecy materials, as these help to retain heat by trapping air close to your body. For the ultimate in cosiness, try an oversized fleece hoodie that will keep you warm as you work or relax on the sofa.

don’t let your feet get cold

Making sure to keep your feet toasty on cold winter days will go a long way to helping the rest of your body stay warm. So, choose a pair of slippers with a wool lining, which will help to wick moisture away and regulate the temperature of your feet. It’s also a good idea to wear some thick cosy socks for extra snugness. If you’re struggling to warm up your feet, you can apply some heat with a hot water bottle for example - this opens up the blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow into the extremities and keeping your feet warmer for longer.

shake off the cold with a hot-water bottle

If you’ve wrapped yourself up in a blanket and thrown on some extra layers, but still can’t seem to shake off that cold feeling, a hot water bottle is just what you need to give you instant warmth and comfort. For an extra cosy feel, opt for one with a faux fur cover.

warm up with a hot drink

Hot drinks and warm food - think tea, hot chocolate, stews and soups - will work wonders for warming up your body from the inside. Your body requires energy to keep warm, of which food and drink are vital sources, so make sure to eat and drink at regular intervals during the day to ensure your body has enough energy to stay warm.

keep warm for less this winter with these tips & winter warmers

make your home more energy-efficient

Cutting out the heat-loss in your home helps make a little bit go a bit further, from insulation to furnishings there's lots of big or little things you can do to help save energy for the long term.

keep draughts at bay

Draught-proofing the doors and windows around your home is a cheap and effective way to lower your heating bills. Block up unwanted gaps where the cold air seeps in - make sure to check all windows and external doors, as well as floorboards, skirting boards, loft hatches and look for any cracks in the walls too. Make use of special draught-proof strips, filler and draught-excluders - all cost-effective options.

upgrade your curtains

Even with double glazing, heat can escape through the windows, so if your curtains are lightweight, consider swapping them for some thick ones with a thermal lining. During the day, especially if it’s nice and sunny, keep your curtains open to let in some warmth, and then once it’s gone dark, close them to help retain this heat.

take control of your central heating

Of course there may come a time when you really need to switch on the central heating, so make sure you’re using it in the most efficient way to help save money on your energy bills. According to the Energy Saving Trust, turning down your thermostat by just one degree can save you around £60 a year. 

You should also check your radiators are heating up. If they are heating up unevenly or not getting hot at all, then you might need to bleed the radiators or balance your central heating system - if not fixed, both of these problems can lead to you turning up the thermostat, which will only drive up your bills.

Furthemore, it costs less to set your heating to come on when you need it and only in the rooms that you use, instead of keeping it on low all day.

unplug your devices

Another one of our energy saving tips at home is to unplug your devices. A simple, yet effective way to save energy during the night when you’re fast asleep, is to make sure electrical equipment, such as TVs, laptops, chargers and games consoles, is not left on stand-by. It’s a good idea to just unplug these devices, as they draw power when plugged in, even though they aren’t in use - this is what’s known as ‘vampire power’. 

According to the Energy Saving Trust, it’s estimated that a typical household wastes approximately £35 each year by leaving electrical items plugged in or on standby. 

So, before you head up to bed each night, try to get into the habit and make it a part of your nighttime routine to quickly check around your home and unplug those power draining devices. Over time, this small change really can make all the difference to your energy usage.

Adopting simple but effective steps will see you stay cosy without it costing the earth. For the best energy saving tips, follow the above and start creating an energy efficient home.

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