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Getting a good night's sleep has never been easier with our hand-manufactured bed frames made in the UK. Our bed frames have been crafted for easy assembly and longevity and come with a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee, so you can sleep peacefully knowing you’re covered. 

Explore our selection of luxurious bed frames that come in a range of styles, colours, and materials to suit your taste. From a double bed frame to king size bed frame, we have a wide range of sizes to choose from. If you're looking for stylish but minimal bed frames then shop this selection of upholstered bed frames. If you prefer upholstered bed frames, then we have a selection of designs made with high-comfort fabrics. Choose from a range of colours and materials to add softness to your sleep. Available in high or low bed frames you can tailor your sleep experience and complement the style of your bedroom. If you're looking for beds and bed frames, then explore our range of mattresses to go hand in hand with your wonderful bed frame.

bed frame questions

what is a bed frame?

A bed frame is a supportive structure that holds a mattress and provides a foundation for a bed. It is typically made of wood and includes a headboard. Bed frames come in various sizes to accommodate different mattress dimensions and styles, from platform bed frames to low bed frames. You can ensure stability and durability for a comfortable and restful sleep.

how to attach a headboard to a bed frame

To attach a headboard to a bed frame, align it with the frame. Use the bolts or screws to secure the headboard to the pre-drilled holes on the bed frame. Ensure the headboard is level and tightly attached for stability.

how wide is a king size bed frame?

The width of a standard king-size bed frame typically measures a little over 165cm. However, it is important to note that bed frame sizes can vary slightly depending on the design. It is recommended to check the specific measurements before purchasing to ensure a proper fit for your mattress.