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just sleep® mattresses - bed in a box

Introducing our collection of rolled mattresses - the epitome of comfort and convenience. Designed to provide exceptional support and a restful night's sleep, these beds are not only cosy but come conveniently rolled for easy transportation and setup.

conveniently rolled mattresses

Whether you need a mattress for your bedroom, guest room, or even for traveling, our rolled mattresses are the perfect solution. Experience the ultimate comfort and convenience with our exceptional selection of rolled mattresses, in your comfort grade you can discover a memory foam rolled mattress. Great sleep has never been easier with our rolled mattress range across seven mattress types. A rolled-up mattress is pre rolled and boxed to make your life a little easier when getting your delivery through your door, simply unbox and unroll to enjoy your new Silentnight mattress. We have a range of sizes available from a rolled single mattress to a king-size rolled mattress, so whatever your bed size, you can experience the ease of a bed in a box.

just sleep faqs

what is a rolled mattress?

A rolled mattress is a convenient alternative to traditional mattresses, made from the same high-quality materials within our mattress range. They are compressed and rolled for easy shipping and storage. Once unrolled, they quickly expand to their full size and provide optimal comfort and support for a restful sleep.

how long to leave a rolled mattress?

Your mattress will begin expanding as soon as it is on the bed, this may take up to 2 hours to expand to its full shape and supported structure. To ensure the mattress reaches its full potential, it’s recommended to wait at least 8 hours to sleep on your new mattress.

how to open a rolled mattress?

To open a rolled mattress, simply place the rolled mattress on your desired bed frame or surface, then unroll it slowly and evenly. Give it some time to expand and regain its shape. It's important to follow the specific instructions provided to ensure proper setup.