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Great sleep starts with great choices, so we’re here to help you make the best decisions about your next mattress, bed and bedding. We’ve done all the research and testing, and consulted the experts to bring you these definitive mattress, bedding & bed buying guides.

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  • bed & mattress size guide

    bed & mattress size guide

    If you're asking "will my mattress fit?" this is the guide for you. Follow these steps to measure your property and ensure a successful delivery and setup of your bed and mattress.

  • mattress springs guide

    mattress springs guide

    If you're struggling to choose a mattress and wondering what's the difference between open coil and pocket springs, or miracoil and mirapocket this guide will make it all clear.

  • how mattresses support your back

    how mattresses support your back

    Sleep is an important time for recovery and repair from the strains of the day. Back pain can make it difficult to achieve a good quality of sleep. Learn what makes a good mattress for your back.

  • assembly guides

    assembly guides

    Once you receive your new divan bed or bed frame, the final step to a great night's sleep is assembly. We're here to help with that - check out these easy to follow guides.

  • bed bases explained

    bed bases explained

    The bed is usually the biggest item of furniture in your bedroom, so of course you’ll want it to be the main focal point within the space. When choosing a bed base and headboard, the design not only needs to suit the style...

  • mattress toppers explained

    mattress toppers explained

    If you’re looking to give your bed a comfort boost, then adding a mattress topper is a great way to achieve this. A good quality mattress topper gives you a more comfortable and restful night’s sleep and your mattress...

what is a Tog?

Tog is a measurement of thermal insulation, so the higher the Tog rating the warmer the bedding will feel. Up to 4.5 Tog duvets are cooler and lighter - suitable for summer, while a 12-15 Tog duvet is thicker and warmer - perfect for winter. The Togs in between will be suitable for spring, autumn or all year-round.

sleep guide for kids

sleep guide for kids

When it comes to bedtime, we know that going back to school ater a break can be challenging. We're here to help you navigate that...

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  • which ped bed is best for my dog?

    which ped bed is best for my dog?

    If you’ve got a furry friend in your family, their sleep quality is just as important as the humans’ in the house. They also need much more sleep than us – where we’re recommended to have 8 hours sleep at night, dogs need...

  • tips for using your electric blanket

    tips for using your electric blanket

    Electric blankets are perfect for keeping toasty when the nights get colder without heating the whole house, so here are some facts and tips on how to use one to stay warm and cosy....

  • how to clean a mattress

    how to clean a mattress

    If you feel your mattress is in need of a re-fresh, whether as part of an annual spring clean or you’re just keeping on top of your household jobs, we’ve got some tips to help you give your mattress that ‘brand-new’ feeling...