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electric blankets

Keep yourself warm and cosy during the colder months with our collection of electric blankets and heated throws, choose from a single electric blanket or opt for dual controls so you and your partner can sleep happily.

If you're on the hunt for an electric blanket or heated throw then look no further than our fantastic collection, offering both single and dual features so that you can enjoy the warmth solo or in comfort with your sleeping partner. Choose from must-have bundle deals, comfort control features and super-soft teddy fleece materials - this range offers ultimate relaxation and warmth for the perfect night's sleep (or even a mid-day nap). For more information explore our electric blankets guide and delve into our full winter collection!

electric blanket faqs

how much do electric blankets cost to run?

Electric blankets are ultimately more cost-effective during the winter as they cost less than putting the heating and heating a whole house.

how do electric blankets work?

An electric blanket has a plug in that when turned on, the electricity is transformed into heat through the cables that are running through the blanket. They also feature a thermostat which regulates the temperature.

how safe are electric blankets?

Electric blankets are safe if you use them with care and follow the instructions provided. Some electric blankets also feature overheat protection to ensure they are as safe as possible.