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handmade beds from the world’s most trusted sleep brands

At Silentnight Group, we are on a mission to help everyone get a great night’s sleep in the world of hospitality. Our trusted brands, expertise and scientifically proven products help provide the right sleep solution for every hospitality experience. Beds for hotels or hostels, student accommodation or private rental, land or water; we create flexible solutions for our customers.

By constantly researching the science of sleep, maintaining focus on quality and offering market leading customer service, we deliver true excellence to our customers and a great night’s sleep for their guests. All whilst ensuring that we work in a sustainable, responsible way from our home in the UK.

Our trusted brands

As a group we produce over 500,000 beds every year, with over 100 years of bed-making heritage behind us. Our portfolio includes Silentnight, the UK’s most trusted bed brand, and Rest Assured, a brand with a rich heritage and bed making expertise handed down since 1898. Plus, we also produce mattresses on behalf of Serta, a global brand leader in Hospitality Sleep.

We have provided beds for and are trusted by many leading brands in the industry. Just some of the brands we are proud to support are Waldorf, Hilton, Canopy, Marriott, Yotel, and many Independent Hotels, Student Accommodation and PRS properties.

Our market-leading products

All of our products are manufactured in our factory in the UK, with hospitality in mind. Our mattresses are fully tested in our SATRA accredited in-house test laboratory which ensures we meet all the regulations when it comes to industry standards as well as fitness for purpose. All of our hospitality mattresses comply with BS7177 for Source 5 – Medium hazard.

We also provide total peace of mind with our 5 year guarantee, which comes as a standard on all our manufactured beds and mattresses.

Our independently accredited testing facility

Our in house laboratory is the only one of its kind in the UK. Our SATRA independently accredited testing facility has an ISO 9001: 2015 certified Management system and is also registered with the British Standards Institute.

We test our products and materials for flammability and fitness for purpose and we routinely test all of our products and raw materials to verify the quality and consistency of the products we make.

Our sustainable practices

We are proud to be a carbon neutral business. Our factory based in the heart of Lancashire is solely powered by renewable energy and through eco-friendly product development, progressive work practices and a partnership with the Marine Conservation Society, we are determined to make the world a greener place.

Hotel bed buying guide

The bed is by far the most significant element of a good night’s rest. It is near impossible to get a deep, effective sleep on an old, uncomfortable bed. Mattresses lacking comfort, space and support are likely to leave us waking tired and achy and possibly grumpy for most of the day.

It may be that your guests are already letting you know.

Is it time to replace the beds in your rooms?

The age of the bed is one of the first things to consider, we recommend replacement every 5 to 7 years or when cleanliness dictates so. The ability of a mattress to provide support can be greatly affected by what supports the mattress. If you think that the mattress is in fairly good condition but is lacking support, consider checking the base. A damaged or worn out base can affect a mattress’s comfort, support, and shape. Another reason to replace the mattress is if there is a visible and noticeable sag. Sagging can occur as springs break down and lose resilience and impressions occur as the fibres compress over a period of time.


Your guests’ comfort and their sleep experience is vital in achieving the highest satisfaction levels. Ultimately it is a comfortable bed that provides this experience, allowing guests not only to enjoy a restful night’s sleep, but to recommend your hotel to others and to come back time and time again.


Ensure that you comply with fire safety regulations and specify a bed that meets the BS 7177 Medium Hazard (Crib 5) Fire Retardancy Standards for hotel beds.


Silentnight Group Hospitality Beds come with seasonal turning labels to assist housekeeping. They indicate when to turn and rotate mattresses to ensure even wear and maximise the life of the mattress.


With hotel beds being used day in and day out, you can be confident that we offer supreme quality whilst being robust enough to withstand the demands of the hotel industry.


Our beds have guaranteed skin-safe treatments that not only kill off bed bugs, but also house dust mites, ensuring an allergen free sleeping environment, helping to protect your hotel from complaints, compensation and negative publicity.

Our team

The Silentnight Hospitality team is led by David Lawrenson, Sales Director for Hospitality. David and his team have many years of experience working with the hospitality industry and have extensive knowledge of sleep. They are more than happy to assist you with your sleep needs whichever market sector you operate in, be it Hotel or hostel, student accommodation or the private rental sector.

Liane Attwood, is our specialist in providing sleep solutions for our Independent Hotel clients. Liane has experience of working in hotels as well as supplying beds and mattresses to them, and is very knowledgeable and understands that an independent hotels needs are unique and require the utmost of attention.

Mike Hetherington looks after our Corporate Accounts in Hospitality and has operated in the supply of beds to these clients for a number of years. He has worked with most major accounts over the years including Hilton, IHG, Marriott, Wyndham, Accor, and glh hotels.

The service that our team provides

  • They will help you make the right choice with our comprehensive full product and service solution and their market knowledge and experience

  • The team will carry out site visits and complete full audits to ensure the best advice and solution is offered and meet your exacting requirements.

  • We offer a full installation service and can provide the removal of any old beds that are then responsibly disposed of. Each element is then recycled and we ensure nothing is ever sent to landfill.

  • The team are always on hand to provide ongoing service, support and advice as and when required.

You can rely on us

We are proud to be both members of the UK Housekeepers Association and the British Contract Furniture Association, which not only demonstrates our high standards for manufacturing, but also our commitment to working closely and sharing knowledge within the Hospitality industry.

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