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how to make your child's bedroom a sleep-friendly place

written by Simon Anthony

updated 08.11.2021

Child waking up in her bedroom

What’s most important to you about your child’s bedroom? That it’s a fun, colourful space for them to play and learn, or that it’s a place designed to give them a good night’s rest?

Ideally, it should be both, but we know that’s not always as easy as it sounds. Children need between 9 and 12 hours sleep each night depending on how old they are, so it’s vital that they go to bed at night in a space that allows them to drift off easily and sleep well. The simple tips below will help you to create a space that’s sleep-friendly in your child’s room, because we all know a well-rested child is a happier child!


It can be easy to let your kids lead the way when decorating their bedroom, but considering the dominant colours on the walls is an important step in creating a relaxing sleep space. Opting for cool colours rather than high-contrast palettes and busy patterns will help make your child feel relaxed instead of energized at the end of the day.


Most adults wouldn’t want to sleep in a room full of mess and clutter, so we shouldn’t expect our kids to, either. Kids naturally have more, smaller items cluttering up their room - so don’t feel the pressure to go into full Mrs Hinch mode every night to make sure your child gets to sleep, but making an effort to limit the mess will definitely help. Having the right storage in their room where possible to store toys and books is a huge help, too.


Darkness at bedtime plays a huge part in a child’s sleep routine. Particularly in summer when the days are lighter and longer, having darkness in their room will encourage your child to sleep at the right time, and stay in bed longer in the mornings, not disturbed by the 5am sunrise. Blackout blinds or curtains will help to create a dark space, with a trusty night light to relax kids who don’t like complete darkness.


The last but not least (in fact, we think the most important) factor to consider is the place your child will be sleeping. A comfortable, supportive mattress and bedding are vital to your child’s health and development. At Silentnight, our range of babies and kids mattresses and beds have been designed to help your child wake up refreshed and rested, ready for the day ahead. Pairing these with the right bedding makes for a bed environment they’ll be looking forward to at the end of the day.

We know it’s not always easy to make sure your kids get a good night’s sleep, and if that’s not the case every night, don’t be hard on yourself or your child. Try implementing some of these steps, and try again. Make your child’s room a fun, relaxing space that they feel comfortable and calm in and the rest should fall into place.

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