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super king mattresses

Our super king mattresses are the biggest we make, perfect for those who desire extra room to spread out and get the ultimate night’s sleep. Discover the best super king mattress for you to ensure you get restful nights and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated every morning. Featuring our premium materials and technologies, we provide support for every sleeper.

With a range of options available from a super king memory foam mattress to high-quality pocket springs, you’re sure to find your perfect one. Due to the large size of a super king mattress, consider a rolled mattress option for hassle free delivery. Shop now and pay for your mattress later with Klarna.

super king mattress faqs

what size is a super king mattress?

A UK super king mattress size is 180cm x 200cm or 6'0” x 6'6”.

how wide is a super king mattress?

A super king size mattress has a width of 6ft which makes it the largest mattress in both length and width at Silentnight. This provides the most room for sleepers that love to stretch and turn in their sleep.

how big should a room be for a super king mattress?

Ideally, a room that is around 125 square foot will sufficiently allow room for a super king mattress and extra bedroom space. Generally, you want to leave around 25 – 30 inches of space between the bed frame and bedroom walls.

can I use my existing bed frame with a super king mattress?

If your current bed frame is designed to accommodate a super king mattress, you can use it. However, if your bed frame is smaller or does not have the necessary support, you may need to invest in a new frame or base that is compatible with the larger mattress size.