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bed & mattress size guide

What size bed and mattress should I choose and will it fit in my home?

The world of beds and mattresses can be complicated, so we’re here to keep things simple. Choosing your mattress and bed is a big step towards having your best night’s sleep, which is why it’s important to find the perfect one for you, that’s of course the right size for your room. Whether you’re looking at single beds for your little one or a super king bed for you and your partner, make sure you find the right size mattress to pair with your bed in our UK mattress and bed size guide below.

UK mattress sizes & UK bed sizes

how to measure bed size

To measure a bed size, you should start at the headboard and extend your tape measure to the foot of the bed. Measure the width from side to side and the length from head to foot. Below are the most common UK bed sizes measuring in both width and length:

UK bed sizes

  width length
Single bed size 90cm 190cm
Small Double bed size 120cm 190cm
Double bed size 135cm 190cm
King size bed size 150cm 200cm
Super king bed size 180cm 200cm
standard UK bed dimensions

So that we can safely and efficiently deliver your bed or mattress, it’s important to ensure that your new purchase will fit through your home to get to your room of choice. If you’re wondering how to choose a bed and what needs to be considered, then we’ve got you covered. Below are the key measurements that need to be taken, using a tape measure and optionally a protractor or angle finder, before making your purchase:

measure your room

measure your room

First of all, make sure the new mattress physically fits in your bedroom. But also consider any furniture and space to move around the bed. Consider the bed base, while divans are usually the same width and length as the mattress plus headboard, many bed frames are slightly wider and longer. Check all the sizes before you order.

measure your doorways

measure your doorways

Most mattresses shouldn’t be bent, so measure your front door, and any doorways between the front door and the mattresses final space. The doorway should be higher than the mattress width. If measuring diagonally, be sure to account for the mattress depth also.

measure your stairway

measure your stairway

Often the tightest point is the staircase. Measure the distance to any low ceilings perpendicular (at a 90° angle) to the staircase. The clearance should be comfortably greater than the mattress width to ensure a good fit without scuffing anything. While you’re measuring for height, Watch out for lamp shades too!

measure any corners

measure any corners

Consider any turns that your mattress will have to make. That could be a turn in the stairs, or in a hallway - often around the banister rail too. Measure against the mattress length and depth to ensure your mattress can make it round without being bent. Pro Tip: if the mattress will fit across the corner at 45°, it’ll turn all the way around just fine. This is also a good opportunity to remove any hanging pictures, mirrors etc.

can you fold a mattress?

Generally no. Folding or bending a mattress will often damage the springs and comfort layers and will void the warranty - something the delivery team will not want to risk. A very small amount of give can be expected, but plan not to bend your mattress.

not sure if your bed will fit? consider a rolled mattress

If you’re in doubt about whether your mattress will fit through any tight corners or staircases, you can consider a bed in a box, which is essentially a rolled mattress. Long gone are the days when rolled mattresses could only be foam, we’re able to roll hybrid pocket sprung mattresses also. Check out our just sleep® range for the speed and convenience of a rolled mattress.

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