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bed bases

Create your perfect style with a divan bed base that’s perfect for when it’s just the base of your bed that needs upgrading.Our bed bases have been carefully made to provide you with the utmost comfort and support. Choose from a large selection of styles perfectly adjusted for the best sleep experience for you.

Discover a wide range of bed bases designed to elevate your sleep experience. Our collection features an array of styles, materials, and sizes to suit your needs. Built to fit a standard UK bed size, our range includes single bed bases so you can still indulge in luxury if you’re a solo sleeper. Each piece boasts exceptional craftsmanship and durability, so explore our selection of designs that will seamlessly blend with any bedroom decor. Experience unparalleled support and comfort with our assortment of bed bases, expertly crafted to provide a solid foundation for your mattress. If you're looking for a bed refresh and want a bit of extra storage, we have bed bases with storage that are perfect if your space is limited. Don’t forget to explore our mattress and headboard ranges if you're looking for that extra peace and tranquillity to go along with your new bed base.

bed base questions

what is a bed base and why is it important for a good night's sleep?

A bed base is a foundation that supports a mattress. It plays a crucial role in providing stability, durability, and proper weight distribution for the mattress. Having a sturdy bed base helps prevent sagging and increases the lifespan of the mattress, ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep experience.

what is the difference between a bed base and a bed frame?

A bed base, also known as a bed foundation or platform, refers to the support system that sits underneath the mattress, providing stability and durability. On the other hand, a bed frame typically refers to the structure that surrounds and supports the bed base, often including headboards, footboards, and side rails. While both are essential components of a bed, the bed base is responsible for ensuring proper support, while the bed frame adds design elements and aesthetics.

what is a divan bed base?

A divan bed base is a type of platform that provides support for a mattress. It typically consists of a sturdy wooden base covered in fabric, which helps to stabilise the mattress and provide a comfortable foundation for the bed. The divan base is a popular choice due to its practicality and versatility, as it can often include storage options such as drawers.