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how to pick the best mattress topper

written by Liz Tabron

updated 16.09.2022

mattress topper for extra comfort

If you’re looking to give your bed a comfort boost, then adding a mattress topper is a great way to achieve this. A good quality mattress topper gives you a more comfortable and restful night’s sleep and your mattress a new lease of life too. From soft and reactive memory foam to breathable and sustainable Eco Comfort, there’s a mattress topper to perfectly suit every sleeper type at Silentnight, whether you’re a sink-in snoozer or a planet saver. In this blog, we explain all you need to know about mattress toppers, so you can choose the best one that will transform your sleep into something blissful.  


what is a mattress topper?

So, what are mattress toppers for? Put simply, a mattress topper is a removable mattress-like layer that you place over the top of your mattress, enhancing comfort levels and helping to prolong the life of your mattress by protecting it from wear and tear. You can use a mattress topper to revive your mattress, however, if your mattress is sagging and more than 8 years old, then it’s probably time to buy a new one. There are various types of mattress toppers to choose from too, but we’ll explain more on that later. 


mattress topper vs mattress protector: what’s the difference?

You may be wondering if mattress toppers and mattress protectors are the same thing as it’s easy to confuse the two when in actual fact, their functions are very different. So what is the difference between a mattress topper and a protector? 

A mattress topper is much thicker than a protector and sits on top of your mattress, which provides a few extra centimetres of material for a more comfortable sleep experience. Toppers can be made from a range of materials such as memory foam, feather/down and polyester fibres. 

Mattress protectors shield your mattress from stains and can help to prevent damage. They are basically a removable protective layer that’s added to your mattress in the same way as a fitted sheet and many are waterproof and suitable for putting in the washing machine. 

do you put a mattress protector over a mattress topper?

A mattress topper should be layered over the mattress, followed by the protector. This allows the protector to be a barrier between you and the topper, keeping it clean and fresh. Mattress protectors save frequent cleaning and help prolong the life of the mattress itself. 


benefits of a mattress topper

So, why use a mattress topper? From enhanced comfort to increasing mattress longevity, there are many benefits to using a mattress topper. Let’s delve into more detail: 

  • Provides an extra layer of comfort and luxury - a mattress topper transforms your mattress by adding a padded layer that you can sink into and drift off into a peaceful slumber, so you can wake up feeling refreshed. 

  • Increases the longevity of your mattress - your mattress works hard to support you as you sleep, which over time leads to wear and tear. Adding a mattress topper acts as an extra barrier between your body and the mattress, helping to prolong its lifespan. 

  • Helps to alleviate aches and pains - a mattress topper is an effective way to provide some relief from aches and pains. 

  • Your mattress will stay clean and fresh - perspiration, dead skin cells and bacteria get absorbed into every mattress and so by adding a mattress topper to your bed, it means you’re giving it a protective layer to help your mattress stay clean and fresh. 

  • Saves you money on having to buy a new mattress - a mattress topper is a cost-effective way to make your bed more comfortable without having to buy a new mattress but remember a topper should not be a replacement for a worn or damaged mattress. 

how to clean a mattress topper

Always make sure to read the care label on your mattress topper to check if it’s suitable for putting in the washing machine. If it’s not suitable, you can spot wash to remove any stains and to freshen it up. A simple yet effective way to clean your mattress topper is to sprinkle on some baking soda and leave for 30 minutes, then vacuum to remove dust, grime and odours. For more stubborn stains, take a damp cloth and stain remover to gently clean away.  


how to choose a mattress topper

With many types of mattress toppers available, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. There are different types of fillings, each with their own benefits, and each type of topper feels different to lay on too. Here we explain the various types of Silentnight mattress toppers to help make your choice easier, ensuring your most comfortable night’s sleep. 


Eco Comfort mattress topper - perfect for planet-savers and over-heaters, this recycling-focused mattress topper is filled with high-performance Eco Comfort fibres, which have been transformed from recycled plastics into a light, soft and fluffy filling that springs back to its original shape, providing superior comfort. The Eco Comfort fibres naturally evaporate moisture, giving you a sleeping environment that’s clean and healthy. What’s more, this mattress topper is chemical treatment free for a fresher night’s sleep and is fully recyclable too. 


Memory foam mattress topper - a great choice for sink-in snoozers, under-heaters and restless sleeper types, memory foam mattress toppers provide luxurious comfort giving you better quality sleep. Memory foam mattress toppers mould to your unique body shape by reacting to heat and softening - this provides excellent pressure relief. This type of topper also absorbs the motion of a partner moving during the night for uninterrupted sleep. 


Airmax mattress topper - ideal for over-heaters, the dual-layer Airmax mattress topper uses air pockets and is deeply filled with hollow fibre to provide breathable and cushioned comfort. Using Airmax technology, these mattress toppers feature air mesh sides, helping air to move freely around your body, so you don’t overheat, giving you a comfortable and refreshing sleep.  


Feather & down mattress topper - an excellent option for luxury-seekers, this type of mattress topper is deeply filled with responsibly sourced feathers and down providing an extra layer of soft and breathable comfort. A feather and down mattress topper is naturally breathable and temperature regulating, meaning you keep cool during summer and warm in the winter. 

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