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At Silentnight, our luxury beds are the key to securing your best night's sleep. Refresh your room and your night's sleep to create a perfect place of rest. Made in the UK and manufactured by hand to provide the highest quality beds. Explore our variety of unique bed styles, colours, and materials so you can find your perfect bedroom upgrade.

Update your bedroom with our wonderful selection of bed styles, from ottoman beds, and spacious storage beds to upholstered beds in your favourite luxury fabric - the choices are endless. Create your dream bed with a variety of material options, storage sizes and colours to choose from with our bed builder. When choosing your bed frame, it’s always a good idea to check your mattress is compatible, if you’re in need of a new bed then shop our mattresses and beds together so you can get the most out of your sleep.

bed faqs

what is an ottoman bed?

An ottoman bed is a type of divan storage bed, choose from half ottoman beds to a full ottoman bed depending on your required storage space. This type of bed features a lifting base to maximise storage space without compromising on the bed style. A perfect bed for those wanting a stylish design with comfort and practicality.

what is an upholstered bed?

A luxurious and stylish bed construction, upholstered beds feature a bed frame covered in soft cushioned fabric and a padded headboard. Chosen in your favourite material and colour it invites softness and comfort to your bedroom.

what is the best bed?

There are several factors that may be important to you when choosing your bed, the most common one is support, especially if you experience back pain, your bed should evenly distribute the weight of your body and give proper spinal alignment. Other factors like temperature control, non-allergenic or natural materials, pressure point relief and decent quality slats are also all important considerations. Find all your sleeping needs here with Silentnight, if you need extra help discover our guide on the different types of bed frames.