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Countdown to Christmas with Santa Santa

Follow Santa on our Christmas countdown to see what he’s up to today and discover some fun facts about Christmas…

365 days Santa returns!
200 days Santa's holiday
100 days Meet the Elves
25 days Santa gets packing
10 days And we're off!
1 day The big day!
Sleep advice for children at Christmas

How can I get my child to sleep on Christmas Eve?

How to fall asleep on Christmas Eve... a great question. We all remember what it's like being a kid on Christmas Eve, the Christmas countdown has come to an end and you're full of excitement, have butterflies in your stomach and are wondering what presents are encingly wrapped under the tree.

This is a great feeling but one that does little to help sleep! When it comes to kids and sleeping on Christmas Eve, you may feel like you're fighting a losing battle. Here are some of our top tips for helping your kids sleep easier not just on Christmas Eve, but all year round.

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