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how to create the perfect nursery

written by Liz Tabron

updated 25.11.2022

Mother and baby in a nursery

Ready to design the perfect nursery for your new arrival, but not quite sure where to start? From choosing the best cot mattress to deciding on a colour scheme and ensuring a safe environment, there’s certainly a lot to consider when setting up your baby’s nursery. Hopefully our handy tips and advice will help you create a nursery that’s practical, safe and a beautiful retreat for your baby.

choosing the best cot mattress for your baby

With so many cot mattresses available, choosing the right one for your baby can be a tricky decision to make, after all your baby’s health and well-being is what matters the most. The right cot mattress ensures comfortable and quality sleep, which is important for your baby’s physical and mental development.

When choosing a cot mattress, make sure it’s flat and firm - you should never place your baby to sleep on a soft surface. There should be no more than 3cm between the cot sides and edges of the cot mattress to prevent your baby from trapping their little legs and arms.

Babies cannot regulate their own body temperature, so you must ensure that the cot mattress has good breathability. Foam mattresses hold on to heat, which can overheat your baby, while fibres such as polyester and natural materials tend to be more breathable. 

All Silentnight cot mattresses are tested in our SATRA accredited lab to ensure your child’s safety.  

The Silentnight Safe Nights cot and cot bed mattresses boast a superb range of features, and there’s one to suit every budget. For a purer and safer sleep environment for your baby, our cot mattresses are free from foam and chemical treatments, as well as being UK allergy approved. They have high breathability for improved safety, added reassurance and temperature regulation. What’s more, they feature washable covers for hassle-free cleaning.

Each Silentnight cot mattress has been tested to the highest of safety standards and is made in the UK with high quality materials, including sustainable, giving you complete peace of mind and an eco-friendly, fully recyclable option, so you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too.

nursery furniture & storage

When it comes to choosing nursery furniture, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration, from the items you will need, the most important being your baby’s cot of course, to selecting the right size and a style.

You will want your baby’s cot to not only look good, but you will need to make sure it’s going to keep your little one safe while sleeping, so whichever one you choose, check it conforms to British safety standards. This standard ensures the cot is deep enough and the bars are the correct distance apart.

Incorporating storage into your baby’s nursery will make sure that all those everyday essential items and toys have their own place. Keeping the nursery organised ensures the space remains calm and ordered, so choose storage such as shelving, drawers, storage boxes/baskets and a toy box. A changing table that doubles up as storage will make a great addition to the nursery, as will a wardrobe with integral drawers or shelves.

Think about selecting matching furniture items to create a nursery that’s stylish and coordinated, always choosing the best quality that you can afford to ensure safety and durability. A nursing chair for day and night feeds will also make a great addition to the space - opt for a style that’s comfortable and fits in with the design of the nursery. 

create a safe environment

Planning how your baby’s nursery will look is the fun part, but you’ll also want to create a space that’s safe too. It’s a good idea to form a safe zone around your baby’s cot, so position it away from the window, radiator, lamps and cords. 

Any furniture items that your baby could clamber onto, should be out of reach from the cot too, and if fitting a mobile, place it at a height your baby can’t reach. Furniture should also be sturdy and stable, so if you think there’s a risk the wardrobe or a bookshelf could topple over, a simple bracket can be used to secure the item to the wall.

Baby wipes and other toiletries should be easy for you to grab, but not your baby, so remember to put these types of items away once you’ve finished with them.

When it comes to the baby monitor, you’ll want to decide on the best place for it, whilst making sure it’s at least 3 feet away from the cot and the cord is out of reach.

To ensure your baby sleeps safely, avoid placing pillows, cushions and soft toys in the cot - they may make it look nice and cosy, but can actually increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. 

The best room temperature for your baby’s sleep is between 16-20C, so think about buying a room thermometer to help you keep track of the temperature. 

Finally, consider the type of window dressing for the nursery. Blackout curtains or a blind will keep the sunlight out and prevent the room from getting too warm while helping to regulate your baby’s sleep. Choose a cord-free blind or curtains, so there’s no chance of your baby getting caught up in any loose cords.

calming colours & textures

Choosing a colour scheme for your baby’s nursery is not as easy as you may think, so we recommend going for colours that are calming and timeless. Pastel shades of colours from nature such as greens, sky and ocean blues, and floral yellows and pinks are easy on the eye and timeless. Creating a scheme that lasts means your baby won’t grow out of their nursery too quickly and you won’t have to redecorate as often.

Try to make the space feel snug and cosy by layering different textures. You can add texture and comfort with soft furnishings, fluffy rugs and baskets. Soft blankets will further enhance a sense of calm and cosiness.

So now you're armed with all the information you need to set up your baby's nursery, all that's left for you to do is enjoy choosing the bits and pieces you need to create a gorgeous space for your little one.

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