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single mattresses

A single mattress can provide ample sleeping space for one person without compromising on bedroom space. Ideal for single adults, juniors, and guest beds where space is limited, a single bed mattress is perfect for lone sleepers. They can easily fit through most doorways and stairs making home delivery super convenient.

When you need a great night's sleep, single bed mattresses create a cosy sleeping experience. Shop our single pocket sprung mattresses designed for consistent support or opt for a single memory foam mattress if you're looking for that extra comfort. Still unsure? Then discover our complete mattress range for even more options and sizes.

single mattress faqs

what size are single mattresses?

A single mattress size in the UK is 90cm x 190cm or 3’0” x 6’3”.

can a single mattress be used for a child?

Yes, a single mattress is commonly used for children's beds. It provides adequate space for a child to sleep comfortably and allows for easy bedding changes.

what is the recommended thickness for a single mattress?

The recommended thickness for a single mattress can vary depending on personal preference and specific mattress models. Choose a mattress that suits your bed and provides the support and comfort you need. Single mattresses typically range between 8 to 12 inches thick.

can a single mattress fit in a bunk bed or a day bed?

This will depend on the bunk bed or day bed - many do support single mattresses however bunk bed mattresses must not be so thick that they cover the safety rail. Our Healthy Growth bunk bed mattresses have a maximum depth of 6 inches (15cm).

how long do single mattresses typically last?

The lifespan of a single mattress can vary depending on useage, care and the type and quality of the bed base. When your single mattress is showing signs of wear an no longer fully supporting good posture, it's time to change. We recommend puchasing mattresses and bed bases together to be sure your single mattress has it's longest life.