For most people, getting a good night's sleep is an essential
part of their daily routine.

If individuals miss out on valuable hours of shut-eye, they can
become grumpy and their concentration levels will suffer. However,
if this problem persists in the long-term, then it could have
serious health implications.

As such, Britons will be keen to ensure they have good rest most of
the time they are in bed. Indeed,
the Daily Mail states there are a number of options open to anyone
who is struggling to nod off at night.

Cognitive behavioural therapy

This can help people overcome any negative thoughts they have about
slumber. Dr Nicola Barclay, associate director of the Northumbria
Centre for Sleep Research, said: "You may tell yourself that you
won't function the next day if you have no sleep, but this probably
isn't true."

Instead, it is vital that individuals think positively about how
they will be able to fall asleep and clinical trials have shown
this measure to be successful.

Make sure the bedroom is sleep ready

Homeowners do not always put the requisite amount of time and
effort into preparing the bedroom for sleep. All office equipment,
TVs, phones and laptops need to be removed, while a new mattress
can be purchased if the current one is in a poor condition.

The right temperature should be set, while maintaining the same
wake/sleep cycle is advised.

Wake up gradually

Specially-designed lamps can be purchased that can create
artificial dawn or dusk. Russell Foster, professor of circadian
neuroscience at Oxford University, said: "This activates areas of
the brain promoting alertness and turns off the sleep hormone

This option may work for those who struggle to wake up in the
mornings, especially in the long winter months.

Stay Fit

According to the Sleep Council, taking regular, moderate exercise
is a great way to help people fall asleep. Working out reduces the
stresses and strains felt by people, although this should not be
carried out too close to bedtime.

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