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sleep in the winter: how to keep warm in bed

written by Liz Tabron

updated 15.11.2023

A cosy bed with multiple layers in emerald green

Whilst the temperature is dropping outside, there’s nothing like staying cosy and warm in bed. But, what is the secret to this? Well, grab a hot cuppa and join us as we explore how you can keep warm in bed and sleep well this winter. We have all the tips you could need from what to wear, to the best winter bedding and how to prepare the bedroom.

is it okay to sleep without central heating?

Experts say that the ideal temperature for a bedroom when sleeping is 15.6 to 20 degrees Celsius. With that in mind, many opt to use heating in their bedrooms at night during the winter months - but it isn’t cost-efficient. 

If you don’t want to use heating during the night, there are ways to still be toasty in bed. Here’s how you can keep the bedroom warm without heating: 

  • Close the door and use seal drafts

  • Make sure windows are insulated with blinds or curtains

  • Wear warm pyjamas

  • Add rugs if you’ve got wooden/laminate floor

  • Opt for the best winter bedding

what about sleeping with the window open?

While there are benefits to sleeping with the window open, such as airflow, it will make the room colder, so it’s best to close your windows at night if you want to stay warm. 

But if you want to sleep with your window open in winter, ensure you are wearing multiple layers and have appropriate winter bedding.

what should I wear to bed in winter to keep warm?

Pyjamas with materials like fleece, wool, or flannel will keep you warmest. Make sure they are loose and breathable, so you are comfortable. 

Wearing socks can also help warm you up. They also promote a drop in core body temperature, which can help you fall asleep faster. Just make sure socks aren’t making you too warm or uncomfortable, and they’re not too tight.

A couple lying in bed with thick fluffy socks on

what is the best winter bedding?

Prepare your bed for the winter with new sheets, duvets, blankets and an electric blanket - then have the most comfortable and snuggly nights. 

Swap your summer bed sheets for brushed cotton sheets, the warmest option of all winter bed sheets and get a cosy duvet with a tog rating of at least 10. Add the finishing touch to your bed with a luxury blanket or two. Perfect for colder nights or to add a little something extra to your bed. Get a design and pattern that makes you smile.

should I get an electric blanket?

Keep yourself warm and cosy during the colder months with our collection of electric blankets and heated throws, choose from a single electric blanket or opt for dual controls so you and your partner can sleep happily.

An electric blanket should be positioned on top of your mattress and under your sheet, and secured at the corners when fastening straps are provided. For tips on how to use your electric blanket, read here.

so, what are the best ways to stay warm in bed?

  • Use heating in your bedroom

  • Keep the door closed and use seal drafts

  • Insulate your windows with blinds or curtains

  • Wear warm pyjamas

  • Switch from summer sheets to brushed cotton – a great warm option for winter bed sheets

  • Opt for a duvet with a tog rating over 10 for an ultimate snug bed

  • Get an electric blanket for that extra warmth

  • Choose a mattress that keeps you warm and snug – we’d recommend going for a memory foam mattress for this. Our just snug memory hybrid mattress would be the perfect choice for you as it cocoons the body from head to toe.

And there you have it. You’re now prepared for those cold, long nights. Winter is coming so get under your new winter sheets and stay cosy.

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