You're in the prime of your life,
you work hard and play hard - why wouldn't you? We're forever being
told to make the most of life. However, research has found this
could result in being miserable as we grow older.


A study by Ohio University, has found that a lack of
sleep during our working lives leads to "lower life satisfaction"
in old age. In particular, problems occur when we're not getting
enough sleep during our "mid lives". Although it may not hit
immediately, a lack of sleep - in terms of both quality and
quantity - can come back to haunt later down the line.


Quantity is the amount of sleep and
how regular, but quality includes whether or not you have an
undisturbed night's sleep or the time it takes to fall asleep,
studies have shown.


The findings, to be presented this
week at an international conference of sleep experts in Washington,
claim a lack of sleep is often down to worry and


And a study of 3,950 adults aged
from 17 to 74 found a clear link between sleep problems during
their mid-life years and lower satisfaction in the later stages of


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