Sleep expert Jared Croslow has recently advised that a few
minor adjustments will get you to sleep faster, make you sleep deep
and allow to wake up refreshed and rested.

Mr Croslow turned to sleep study after several successes in the
world of entrepreneurialism and business consulting, and has
recently released the results of his latest research which are
available on his website He hopes that the results
will help thousands of people enjoy more productive and creative
awake times.

In a six month personal study, Mr Croslow put the microscope on
his own sleep routines in an attempt to better his productivity
during the day. He started by looking at one personal trait that
I'm sure we are all guilty of; the snooze button. He found that
adding extra time onto his alarm clock was significantly effecting
how he felt when he woke up, even though he got the recommended
eight hours of sleep.

After weeks of waking up feeling tired and under rested, he
decided to examine what aspects of his night time routine were
making him feel groggy in the day. He spent more than half a year
tracking his sleep patterns, and finally discovered how to sleep

He has recently posted an article on his website documenting his
research on the patterns of sleep, sleep cycles and the science
behind them, and sleep's effect on the brain.

He said: "The average person is only getting 25 per cent of their
sleep in the deep sleep phases.

"That means the doctor-recommended sleep times are only giving us
two hours of recuperative sleep. Sleeping more doesn't do anything
to improve your feelings of sluggishness. Lack of deep sleep is
what causes all those nasty sleep deprivation statistics. You are
drowsy, unfocused, have headaches, and may find it impossible to

In order to improve sleep, Mr Croslow recommends a few key tips to
success. These included taking a 15- to 30-minute nap per day,
regulating one's body temperature, getting more sunlight, and
improving the room and conditions of the room in which one sleeps,
to ensure an optimal rest.#

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