Every parent knows the daily battle of putting a child
to sleep in the school holidays. The temptation to stay up late and
sleep in for hours can be really disruptive to their sleep cycle
and stressful for mum and dad.

To help, here are five tips to sustaining a good routine in the
summer break.

Keep the bedroom as dark as

Don't let the brightness ruin your child's
sleep. The lighter nights and earlier sun rises may confuse your
children, even adults take time to adjust to this. Having blackout
blinds may be the answer, as consistent lighting can massively help
their sleeping routine.

Wind-down period.

Make sure your children have at least an hour before bed to
chill out and prepare themselves for sleep. It is important to turn
off all things digital; screens interfere with the production of
melatonin, making it harder to nod off. They may be going to bed
slightly later than normal, but make sure you aren't allowing them
to use tech later than you normally would.

Have a regular wake up time.

The school holidays are precious, so do not forget to set alarms
like it's a school morning. Get the kids up at a similar time each
day and early enough that they haven't missed half of the day. This
does not have to be as early as term-time but make sure it's

Make sure they don't overheat on a night.

Despite our weather be renowned for its unpredictability, we
occasionally have heat waves in the summer months! Overheating can
really affect a child's sleep and mood. Think about a thinner duvet
or leaving their window a jar on a night.

Don't worry about it.

The honest truth is you may become more lenient over the 6 week
break and that's alright. Try not to stress about this and enjoy
the summer. If you find yourself completely out of routine slowly
ease bedtime back. This cannot be done overnight so bear this in
mind mid way through August.