SATS can be a stressful time, often
filled with sleepless nights and copious amounts of coffee, and
that's just for the parents! 


With primary school children set to
take their KS2 exams this week, we've compiled our 4 top stress
busting tips to help your child get through their exams with
minimal stress. 

1. Power

If your child didn't manage to
squeeze in an as many hours during the night as they're use to,
then a short nap can often help regain focus after a long day of
exams. The Sleep Foundation recommends a short nap between 20 and
30 minutes improves short-term alertness and performance without
leaving you feeling groggy or interfering with nighttime

2. Eat more

We don't think you ever need an
excuse to eat chocolate. Not only does it release endorphins which
act as a natural stress fighter, but those which contain over 70%
fight the stress hormone cortisol and
have an overall relaxing effect on the body. Reward your kids with
a small bar of their favourite chocolate during a revision

3. Plan a reward

Don't just focus on the short term,
plan ahead and think of something you can do to reward your child
at the end of all their hard work. It's important that they know
they can only do their best and the exam is over now. Celebrate
with a post exam meal or treat them to a new toy or

4. A good night's sleep

Research has shown that how well you
learn is hugely accredited to getting the right amount of sleep. So, it may
seem like an obvious one, but getting your child to go to bed a
little earlier than usual should prove beneficial. Help them wind
down before hitting the pillow by switching off from technology.
Try getting them to relax by reading - and by reading we don't mean
more revision books!

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