Many sleepers stay content with their mattress until something
significant changes. Whether this is chronic back pain or a
soothing night in a hotel bed, the mattress wake-up call will open
your eyes to the variety of choice that enables nights of comfort
and support.  

Jura Koncius of the Washington Post has recently reviewed the vast
amount of choice available to ensure that you get the most out of
your mattress and, more to the point, out of the night.

Making the most out of the night is important for several reasons.
It is widely known that a whole day can be written off if we don't
sleep well at night, but there are a few things that are not so
widely recognised.

A good night's sleep can keep your heart healthy, and could even
prevent cancer. Studies show that heart attacks and strokes are
directly related with sleep in some aspects, owing to the way sleep
interacts with the blood vessels. Breast cancer and colon cancer
have also been linked with sleep, with researchers finding that
melatonin levels can be adversely affected by a lack of

Besides from these health risks, many researchers point to the
neurological effects of sleep which are equally detrimental in the
long term. Sleep is essential for cell redevelopment and
neurological growth. In this way, a good night's sleep can make you
more alert by bolstering cognitive functions such as your

According to Koncius, the most popular mattress sizes in the US
are Queen Size and then twin size mattresses. Full and King size
mattresses were also particular popular, with 18 per cent and ten
per cent of consumers opting for these sizes respectively.

New technologies may be a key driver of mattress sales, as
consumers look for more support and even more functionality.
Technologies such as memory foam and miracoil offer significant
advances in sleep support. Bed technology has also changed,
allowing people to sit up in supported positions through
electronically controlled systems. 

It is always important to shop smart, and test-drive your
purchase. With such an array of choice, it recommended that you
take time to choose the best mattress for you.

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