How many times have you been on
Facebook today? If you have a persistent urge to be on Facebook,
Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, then you might be one of many who
use social media to express their love.

Love social media

We recently carried out a survey which revealed that
nearly three quarters of us would appreciate a declaration on
Facebook more than having dinner cooked of us. But, is social media
taking over our love lives?

Breakfast in bed and flowers fell short to a public
display of affection on social too, with nearly 30 percent
confessing to only muttering affectionate sweet-nothings when
they've had a drink or two. 

You can forget about receiving an apologetic 'I love
you' too, with just ten percent of us admitting to saying sorry
when we're in the bad books.

This doesn't stop when it comes to the older
generation either, as 45 percent of those aged 55 to 60 taking to
social media to profess their love.

So come on, when and how did you last say 'I love
you'? Tweet us using #MySleepSecret
and let us know! @SilentnightBeds 

P.s - We love you.