BBC Radio 3 will broadcast
eight-hour 'lullaby' this weekend in full. Titled 'Sleep', the
£25 record is designed to promote good quality slumber
and promises a perfect night's sleep. 

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Composer Max Richter consulted
neuroscientist when making the record, which is an unbroken piece
of music that he has described as 'my personal lullaby for a
frenetic world'. 

When Radio 3 sends it out over the
airways live and in its entirety on Saturday, it will be the
longest single piece of music ever to be broadcast by the

Discussing the work, Richter says he
became fascinated by what goes on 'under the hood' while we're
asleep and worked with a neuroscientist to make music that might
actually enhance the sleeping experience.

He said: 'I have a sense that while
I'm asleep some of the most important work is taking place "under
the hood".

'I started talking with the
neuroscientist David Eagleman, and it seems that cognitive mental
processes really are going on while we're sleeping that relate to
our waking life. 

He adds: 'I think most creative
people would intuitively agree: for instance, if we sleep on a
decision we often feel more comfortable about our thinking in the
morning. I see the eight-hour piece as an environment, a place to

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