Whether you're a world traveller, a weekend
breaker, or just one of those people

that stays up to watch the latest Game of
Thrones - we all know jetlag. The

horror of an out of sync body clock is something
that everyone experiences in

their lifetime, and it really makes getting back
to reality an even worse prospect than

it already is.

Well, here at Silentnight, we're here to tell you that you can
have your cake and

eat it. Go abroad, act as wild as you want, and
have no fear of droopy eyelids in

the week to come. Sleepless nights are horrible,
but they don't have to be

inevitable. Here are some of our in flight tips
to make sure you beat out that

unwanted weariness.

No food…

Research suggests that mealtimes are the secret
to controlling the body clock.

Your body won't be ready to sleep if you've just
eaten breakfast at what should

be 2am. Avoiding airport restaurants, saying 'no
thanks' to the snack trolley, and

keeping yourself food free 2 hours before your
flight is said to be the perfect

remedy to the sleepy blues.

But lots of water!

Maybe you can't eat, but you can certainly drink
(water, that is.) The high

pressure of a plane cabin dries us out and
leaves us thirsty, headache-y, and,

sadly, awake. If you can, grab an aisle seat,
drink 225ml of water for every hour

in the air, and prepare for a lot of
unapologetic trips to the bathroom.

If water isn't your thing, it's suggested that Montmorency
cherry juice before and

during your flight will also do the trick. It'll
kick-start your melanin production

and get you ready for a long, peaceful nights

Mind over matter

It may sound simple, but thinking happy thoughts
really can do the trick. Dr

Nerina Ramlakhan, our resident sleep expert,
says that when you stop clock

watching and keep a positive mental attitude,
you really can enjoy a jetlag-free holiday. And if you can't stop
dreading the inevitable, focus more on rest than

sleep. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and
relax. Some people might not like

the idea of meditation, but if it means you beat
out sleepless nights, it's worth a


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