Users of the new Wakie smartphone
app, set their alarms to receive one minute wake-up call from other
users who might be anywhere in the world.


"This is agent Nick Fury from
SHIELD" the caller said "Wake up, your planet needs you!" This was
just one wake up call from the 'social alarm' that is a new
alternative alarm option to the usual annoying beeps and





  Image: Ternto-mercantino Gaudenti - Alarm


The calls can come from anywhere in
the world but most of the calls apparently come from Russia. "Woke
up to a thick Russian accent telling me he loves me" says one Wakie
user. Others reported being woken up with maths problems and bursts
of trivia about the callers home town. 


The maker of the app claims that
receiving calls from human beings wakes the brain up faster than
alarm clocks. Although some people have reported fairly scary
calls, there is overall positive feedback. One reviewer recommends
the app by saying "As much as I hate being told to wake up, it's
been amazing to be awakened by friendly, smiling voices that greet
me with 'good morning, sunshine' from the Netherlands and other
parts of the world." 


The App is available in Britain for
android and windows phones, would you use the Wakie App? How do you
find is the best way to wake up in the morning? Let us know on our
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