A mother exasperated by her
three-year-old son's naughty behaviour - particularly at bedtime -
was sure a medical condition must be to blame.
The real cause of the problem
however turned out to be something else altogether - the family dog
pinching the child's pillow each night. 

 dog sleeping

Image source: Pixabay

According to his mother, Billy was addicted to
watching cartoons, loved lining up his toys and struggled to sleep
at night because he couldn't wind down.

On top of that, his exhausted mother had to read to
him for three hours a night - following battles to get him into bed
- before he would finally fall asleep.

Suspecting autism, Robyn agreed to participate in
Channel 4 series Born Naughty? for help, in which Billy was
observed at bedtime using cameras. This revealed the real reason
for Billy's bedtime behaviour was down to a canine culprit.

The dog was seen to sneak into Billy's room and place
himself on the child's pillow, forcing Billy out of bed in the
process. The dog wasn't the only animal to blame though, with the
cat also being caught sleeping on Billy's bed, again waking and
distracting him late at night. 

After changing their routine - and the pets' sleeping
arrangements - Robyn said the transformation in Billy has been

Our sleep expert, Dr. Nerina, also advises that pets
have their own beds, and avoid letting them get into a habit of
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