A mattress company in America has taken a unique approach to
both selling their mattresses and giving workers some rest by
introducing new rest rooms that can be used for naps throughout the

A hotel-style bedroom has been opened by the mattress company
allowing tired workers or tourists in the city's SoHo area to take
free naps. The complimentary room is decked out with a couch,
coffee table, bathroom and a comfortable mattress, allowing people
to rest and test.

Founder and Greek native Paul Efmorfidis welcomes guest to try out
his all natural and handmade mattresses for a test drive, for a
one, two or three hour nap. The showroom also serves lunch, so
there will be no rush getting back to the office after you've put
your head down for an hour or two.

Mr Efmorfidis told the Mail Online: "In Greece, we want to show
that everything is transparent. This is the policy of our company,
to show that our mattresses are the best in the world."

"I have no trouble if they misuse (the service). If you come here
with your friends for a handful of naps and don't buy anything,
that's OK."

The idea originated in their Amsterdam store, where the idea
proved a great success. Visitors can book Coco-Mat's sleeping room
for a nap, or if it's vacant, they accept walk-ins.

The unique idea emphasises the importance of trying a mattress
before you buy it. Many people walk into a store and simply choose
the first mattress they see that fits their price range, but
considering that this is an investment that will impact a third of
your life, money shouldn't be the number one concern.

Mattress technology has evolved over the years to become
tailor-made to the customer, resulting in many mattresses being
made that mould to the sleeper, rather than the sleeper having to
mould to the mattress.

In many ways, this is what Coco-Mat and many other companies are
trying to emphasise. Sleep has changed and so has the mattress
technology available to support this change. The sooner people
realise what a notable difference enhanced technology can have on
their nights (or days) rest, the sooner people will start to turn
up to work and living their daily lives better rested and ready for
any challenges that lay ahead.

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