Choosing the right mattress for you is comparable to any
consumer decision; there is never a one size fits all solution.
Just like trying on a new pair of jeans, everybody has individual
preferences on size, style and comfort.

But mattress choice does differ in one big way; unlike most
purchases, you will spend a third of your life laid upon it. There
are also several health and lifestyle considerations too. A recent
spate of studies has linked a lack of sleep to health concerns such
as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Above that, avoiding
a good night's rest can leave you tired and groggy the next day,
and can also lead to a lack of productivity.

So making the right mattress choice is actually quite important,
particularly considering the large variety that there is to choose
from. Mattress technology has evolved significantly over the past
few years, meaning that mattress choice is tailored to you. It's no
longer about what you can offer the store, but what the store can
offer you when it comes to mattress decisions.

There a three main types of mattress; spring, foam and latex.
Spring or coil mattresses are what most people would consider
'conventional mattresses', however, modern improvements mean that
spring and coil mattresses are far improved versions of what they
use to be. The technology that goes into these mattresses mean that
each one incorporates a vast maze of spring and coil systems that
are designed to cater for individual sleep preferences.

For those who might want to try something new, latex mattresses
could be the ideal way to test this out. Latex mattresses aren't
all that different from foam mattresses, in that they do not have a
spring system built into them. They are designed with a thick inner
core that suits any body type.

Foam mattresses are the final choice for consideration. Memory
foam mattresses have become very popular. The technology was first
developed by NASA scientists who wanted to build comfortable seats
for space missions, but the new material was so successful that it
was adapted for the modern market. Memory foam mattresses mould to
the body shape of the sleeper, ensuring that the body is both
comfortable and relaxed.

Posted by Michael Ewing ADNFCR-1744-ID-801342950-ADNFCR