For many, sleep is a constant
pressure. It is something we struggle to get enough of and are left
living life like grumpy zombies in need of industrial strength


If you're currently going through menopause, then you
will know about this all too well.

The menopause causes changes to a woman's nervous
system and this imbalance causes women to experience menopausal
symptoms such as hot flushes, which can have enormous effects on
sleep quality and quantity.

We put this predicament to our sleep expert, Dr
Nerina, who shed light on the natural body change that can bring
with it unnatural behaviour. 

Women going through 'the change' should place value
on sleep, prioritise sleep, and protect its quality. So how do you
do that?

Clean living. As we age, sensible
eating and living becomes more important, reducing caffeine,
alcohol, and refined sugar intake is key. These types of foods are
classed as 'heating foods' and contribute to hot flushes.

Learn how to power nap. This is a
quick sleep lasting around fifteen minutes, where you will approach
a near sleep state without actually falling asleep. This will
de-excite the nervous system which helps you sleep better later at

Get active. Fast walking is a great
form of exercise for the menopausal age group, but don't over
exercise. Trends of people older people getting into extreme sports
is emerging but this can put huge stress on the body not aiding
quality sleep.

Meet Dr Nerina and see more of her tips here.