Game of Thrones returned to our screens this
week: the highly anticipated seventh season was watched by millions
and what an episode it was. We'll leave it at that as we don't want
to hint at any spoilers for the few who haven't watched it yet. One
thing is for sure… winter is coming! Below are some of our thoughts
on how people sleep in the seven kingdoms.  

Sandor Clegane, or better known, The Hound, may be a strong
warrior on the outside, but this doesn't mean he's a brave sleeper.
It's fair to say he's seen his fair share of brutality in his time
- but who hasn't this side of the Narrow Sea? Often awake into the
night as a protector, we think he lacks sleep due to his traumatic
childhood when his brother, otherwise known as the Mountain,
'punished' him by holding his head into a burning brazier for
playing with one of his toys. That's enough to give anyone

Another person who may suffer from somniphobia in Westeros is of
course Jon Snow. With countless betrayals over the years, including
being murdered by his Brothers of the Night's Watch, it is quite
literally a miracle he lives to tell the tale... he definitely
sleeps with one eye open. Now King of the North and with winter
getting ever closer, does he really have the time to sleep?

You may think Tyrion Lannister is a good sleeper due to his
mostly luxurious lifestyle and wine intake, but our sleep expert,
Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, begs to differ. She says, "for centuries,
humans have relied on alcohol as a relaxant to ease our passage
into sleep. Drinking close to bedtime interferes with a number of
normal sleep processes. The Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep stage is
missed as you go straight into a deep sleep. As the alcohol wears
off you will return to REM sleep making it much easier to wake up."
Maybe he's not a good sleeper after all.

Finally, there's one young man whose sleep is more powerful than
most. Bran Stark began experiencing vivid dreams through the eyes
of his direwolf, which he later learned to control. After an
exhausting and dangerous journey, Bran found the Three-Eyed Raven
who gave him vital training in controlling his visions. The
Three-Eyed Raven then dies, following a close encounter with the
Night King, leaving Bran the only soul in Westeros with these
special sleeping powers. Becoming the new Three-Eyed Raven is no
small job; lets hope he has what it takes to use his visions to his
advantage as many lives rest upon him (no pressure).

Do you identify with any of these sleep types and personalities?
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