Finding the steps to help you doze off
successfully - and happily - can be a nightmare. Thankfully, we've
had a look into the ways you can improve your sleeptime

1. Preparing your room is key - feeling not only
comfortable in your bed, but in your surroundings. Try to keep the
temperature just right, not too hot and not too cold. Switch all
electronic devices off or on silent, this should shut your mind off
to the cyber world.

2. Your mattress and pillows play a HUGE part in
comfort when trying to fall asleep. The correct neck and back
support can help your body to relax. This sounds obvious, but so
many people forget!

3. Ever thought about keeping a pen and notepad
near by? Staying awake worrying about the to-do list tomorrow isn't
going to help you sleep. In fact, it will only do the opposite.
Don't worry yourself trying to remember your chores: quickly jot
them down and put your mind at ease.

4. Breathing. So simple and something we do all
day everyday without even thinking. At night, it becomes much more
prominent. Explore different breathing techniques to see which one
meets your specific needs for a great night's sleep. Remember: have
patience, it will be totally worth it.

5. Clear your mind. Shutting your mind off from your
everyday routine and worries can be extremely difficult. The key is
have the conversation with yourself that whatever is keeping you up
can wait until the morning, when you have replenished your mental
resources to tackle it head on. Those extra few hours of sleep
could change your outlook on everything!