Sleep is vital for focussing thoughts and
decision making. Having said that, anyone would think that our
world leaders should be very good sleepers! Despite this it is
clear some don't stick to their bedtimes and avoid the quality time
they should be having with their pillows.

Donald Trump in an interview with Fox News, revealed that he is
sleeping four to five hours a night in his new life as the US top
dog. Clearly showing little respect for the hallowed seven hours,
we think he should reconsider his sleeping routine giving the
importance of his job. Unfortunately, he is not the only leader
with nocturnal habits…

Most famously from this side of the pond, the Iron Lady,
Margaret Thatcher, reportedly only slept for four hours on an
average night. Maybe she should of taken a page out of Winston
Churchill's book who was a man who seriously valued his sleep.
Unlike Thatcher, he made up for the shortfall during the day,
drinking a whiskey and soda at around 5pm and then taking a two
hour nap. According to Churchill, the routine helped him to squeeze
one and a half day's work into 24 hours.

Fortunately, our current leader, Theresa May, is someone who
values sleep and says she does sleep pretty well… especially
compared to Trump! She gets around five to six hours of shut eye a
night, but admits she sometimes wishes for more. She probably can't
allow for much more rest with her unavoidable weighty workload.

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