This situation is not uncommon particularly if the weight of
each person differs significantly.  Disturbance can be created
my one person turning in their sleep or when getting in/out of bed.
 The mattress type is a major contributor to this situation
and the restlessness can be caused by poor posture and peak
pressure on hips and shoulders.

Each row of Miracoil springs is made from a continuous coil of
wire to distribute weight more effectively.  The unique
"figure of eight" Miracoil springs gives extra surface coverage and
therefore, more support.  Each Miracoil mattress gives you and
your partner the support you need, despite differences in size and
weight.  A Miracoil mattress contains twice as many springs as
an ordinary mattress.  The springs are concentrated in the
centre third of the bed to give support where it is needed
most.  The more weight applied, the more the springs respond
providing progressive support.

We also recommend that you choose the largest size bed that your
room can accommodate as this will also help reduce partner
disturbance as you will both have more space to move around in.