There are many advantages to getting a good night's
sleep, including helping you to lose weight according to new
research published in the American Journal of Clinical

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The new study by the Medical
Research Council shows that lack of sleep impacts your weight. The
research found that sleep deprivation decreases the production of
the two hormones that control hunger: leptin and ghrelin. Dr.
Steven Feinsilver, a sleep and pulmonary specialist, explains that
"when you are sleep deprived for just about any reason, both of
those hormones change in a direction that should make your appetite
go up fairly substantially."  

Another study found people who are
sleep deprived will eat an extra 300 calories a day. "If you eat
another 300 calories a day long term you are going to gain weight,
and it wouldn't take long to substantially gain weight," added Dr.

Nutritionist Robin Kaiden has seen
bad sleep habits derail a dieter's best intentions. "When you're
sleep deprived, you tend to make bad decisions. You don't think
clearly, so you kind of grab what's easy, what's close. You're too
tired to think of something healthy. You're too tired to

Dieter, Melinda Farina, was
frustrated that her attempts to lose weight kept failing. "I am
eating perfectly. I am working out, but I am not losing weight. I
thought it was hormonal," said Farina. A breakthrough finally came
when her nutritionist asked her how much sleep she was getting.
Farina admitted she often didn't get to bed until 2am and often
woke up at 6am to get to work related meetings. Once Farina started
to get a regular eight hours of sleep a night, she saw the pounds
melt away. She concluded, "Immediately in that first week, my
clothes started loosening up, and the inches started coming

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