He's always campaigned to get people to eat healthily
to improve the nation's health. He rallied for better school
dinners and nutritional education in schools, but admitted that he
sometimes had to get by on as little as three and a half hours
sleep a night. 

Man sleeping

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Now ahead of his 40th birthday, Jamie has revealed
that the secret to his recent weight loss and overall healthier
appearance is largely down to getting more sleep. As part of a new
food and lifestyle regime he has undertaken, Jamie now goes to
sleep at 10pm, as well as having cut down his alcohol intake and
adopted a stricter diet. 

He told the Radio Times: "Sleep has become profoundly
important to me, I was never getting enough of it and I didn't
understand the value of it. And I treat it like work. Just like I
do with little Buddy [his four-year-old son] when I tell him to get
to bed, I get to bed! I have little vibrating things that shake me
when it's 10pm.'"

Our sleep expert Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan, advises on how
to 'sleep yourself slim' saying: "Not sleeping enough forces our
body into crisis or survival type mode. We start to run on
adrenaline which makes us conserve energy and store fat
particularly around the middle - this is called 'trunkal
thickening' -  and we start breaking down our muscles."

"Not sleeping or poor quality sleep also makes you
rely more on caffeine and refined sugars during the day and these
are all substances that will make us put on weight. In the
meantime, people who have difficulty getting to sleep delay going
to bed, and then snack as a procrastinating exercise. People also
drink alcohol in the evenings, mistakenly believing it will make
them more tired, and these alcoholic drinks are high in

So if you're trying to shift a few extra pounds and
haven't yet tried changing your sleep pattern visit Dr. Nerina's Sleep
for tips and tricks to help you get a better
night's sleep.