As the season finale looms and the
battle of Winterfell is set to commence, Silentnight have five top
tips to help you sleep after watching Game of Thrones!

From gory battles to romantic love affairs we are all
kept on tenterhooks after a late night viewing of Game of Thrones.
So how do you get to sleep after all the excitement without tossing
and turning?


Don't let the White Walkers follow you to bed…

Still looking over your shoulder as
you climb into the sheets to see if the White Walkers are coming?
Put it out of your mind and remember they are not real! If you know
you're prone to nightmares then a top tip would be to avoid having
a late-night snack while you tune into the show. Food before
bedtime increases your metabolism and sends signals to the brain
making it more active and therefore more prone to

Take to sea with the Ironborn…

Back in the bosom of his family with
his sister Yara, Theon Greyjoy is now sleeping much more soundly
after years of torment at the hands of Ramsay. But maybe this is
something to do with the fact that the pair have set sail to sea?
According to scientists the sound of rolling ocean waves or the low
rumble of a distant thunder storm are the most common noises that
trigger people to fall asleep peacefully. Apparently by listening
to ocean music the brain interprets these sounds as 'non-threats,'
allowing the mind to use the sounds to block out more alarming
noises that may disturb you in the night. 

Write it all down on raven parchment…

From complicated plot twists to ever
changing characters, it is a small wonder that your brain isn't
completely buzzing after tuning into the latest episode of Game of
Thrones. But don't lay awake all night trying to work out your
Starks from the Targaryens, simply write it all down. This is a
simple trick, like creating a to do list for the next day, that
helps you to clear your mind before bed so you are not kept awake
by your mind working over time.

Start counting dragons…

Trade in the loveable sheep for a
cuddly dragon… counting sheep is a mental exercise where you
envision an endless series of identical white sheep jumping over a
fence, whilst counting them as they do so, until you fall asleep.
So why not swap a sheep for a dragon and count how many times they
circle Daenerys' Great Pyramid instead.

And if all else fails… (One of the super fans!)

If it was up to Cersei Lannister or
Sansa Stark you may turn to 'essence of nightshade' to help you

According to Game of Thrones medical
legislation 'Essence of Nightshade' is a substance used in small
doses as an anti-anxiety formula to help you sleep. A single drop
added to a cup of wine will calm frayed nerves, and three drops
will put a person into a deep, dreamless sleep. However 10 drops,
even diluted into a cup of wine, is fatal!

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