Your baby is the most precious thing
in the world. They're perfect in every way possible. We're all
looking for better and easier ways when it comes to our babies and
sleep. Recently, The Sun published an article on the five types of
sleepers your baby might be and how knowing this can help your baby
sleep longer at night. We've picked our favourite three to share
with you. Sleep expert Jo Tantum says, "The key is to identify what
kind of sleeper your baby is, then take action." Here's what she


An owl sleeper will go to bed late
but still wake up in the night. Once they're up, they can't seem to
get back to sleep. 

What can you do?

If your baby is an owl sleeper, Jo
suggests letting them nap for three hours during the day. This
allows them to reset their internal clock. A nap will allow your
baby to settle during the night. If they show any sign of
tiredness, let them nap in their room.  This will help them
get back to sleep if they wake up in the night as they will be used
to their quiet, dark sleeping space.


Where can we start with a meerkat
sleeper? These tots move around all night. They don't want to go to
sleep! If your baby is a meerkat sleeper, they go to bed late and
rise easy in the morning.

What can you do?

Your baby needs a calm-down time.
Try to get into a good 'bath, book, bed' routine at night and stick to it. Jo suggests
that you aim to get your baby in
their cots 12 hours after they
wake. If you develop a relaxing bedtime routine, they will
naturally start to wind down at a similar time every day. Allow an
hour before bedtime where there is no television or loud noises.
These overstimulate your baby's mind which keeps them active and
awake. If you keep to a calming routine, you should see sleep time


If your baby is a skylark sleeper,
they usually wake early and refuse to go back to sleep. In the
morning they like to make lots of noise. Once they're awake,
they're awake!

What can you do?

Calming music can help keep your
little one settled and get them back to sleep when they wake early
in the morning. You can find relaxing wave music on Youtube, iTunes
or you can buy a CD with them on. If you keep the music on through
the night, when they wake up it will soothe them back to sleep.
Another tip is to have blackout curtains. Research shows that even
a little bit of light can wake and fully stimulate your baby. A
dark, relaxing atmosphere will help them sleep for


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