People aiming to enjoy a better night's rest have been advised
there are a number of secrets that can help them to achieve sound
sleep on a more regular basis.

According to sleep aid pharmaceutical manufacturer LipoRid PM, one
of the most important factors in getting to sleep lies in creating
a peaceful and distraction-free environment in which to do

With this in mind, individuals are advised of the need to remove
night-time distractions in the bedroom, such as electronic
equipment including mobile phones, TVs, alarm clocks and other

Furthermore, darkness is essential for restful sleep and therefore
investing in thick curtains which block out all light at night
could be a significant advantage in helping people to get to sleep
more easily.

Other advice included avoiding snacking and drinking before
bedtime, as well as not exercising in the run-up to going to bed.

Napping after 17:00 should also be avoided, as this can disrupt
the sleep cycle, while keeping a regular routine of getting up and
going to bed - even during holidays and weekends - can help to
train the body to reinforce its sleep-wake cycle.

Finally, the bed should be reserved for sleep only, ensuring a
mental link between the bedroom and sound rest is created in the
individual's mind, helping them to create a sanctuary from the
day-to-day stresses of life in which they can relax and

Earlier this month, two studies were published in the US
highlighting a link between poor sleep patterns and an increase in

Research from Columbia University in New York revealed that those
who suffer from a lack of restful sleep tend to have cravings for
unhealthy foods more often.

"The results suggest that, under restricted sleep, individuals
will find unhealthy foods highly salient and rewarding, which may
lead to greater consumption of those foods," commented the
university's Dr Marie-Pierre St-Onge.

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