Bedtime is about winding down after
a busy day, getting cosy under the covers and falling into a deep

However, picture this: you've eaten a lovely meal for
dinner with all of your favourite food, brushed your teeth and got
into bed BUT your tummy is full of air making you feel

Sound familiar? Here are our top five tips to banish
that bloat: 



Working out will not only tire you out to get you
ready to drift into the land of nod, but it also reduces the
effects of bloating. 


Try to eat dinner at the same time every

Following an early eating pattern
every night is important for your body to digest food properly, so
that when you get into bed it's not just sitting on the top of your
stomach, causing it to gurgle. 


No carbs before bed

Everyone loves to indulge in a carb fest every so
often, but foods like pasta and white rice make you more prone to
bloating as they set off water retention. 


Give your tummy some TLC

A massage will help get your digestive system moving
and relieve any discomfort or uncomfortableness you might


Get fruity

Swap indulgent desserts like cheesecake and ice-cream
for fruit with the skin kept on, as the fibre will make digestion


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