Are you one of the many who often finds
themselves tired and in need of sleep at work? If so, you're not
alone. Even those in power fall victim to midday snoozing from time
to time including former minister, Sir Desmond Swayne during Ken
Clarke's speech.

To help keep you awake in work, we've pulled five tips
together with our Sleep expert, Dr Nerina.

  1. Stay hydrated - water is key to
    life and staying awake. The recommended intake is 6-8 glasses (1.2
    litres) a day - but remember you get some of this from

  2. Take a nap - as professional
    sleepers we will always promote some shut eye. Taking a short nap
    in the day can help you stay alert in your working hours. Make sure
    not to take a nap too close to your bedtime as this could affect
    your night's sleep

  3. Revive your senses - Our circadian
    rhythms regulate our sleep cycle and are influenced by sunlight.
    Try to spend at least 30 minutes outside each day to promote good

  4. Give your eyes a break - lots of us
    spend to much time behind a screen a day. Try to avoid staring at
    your screen for long periods at a time as the strain on your eyes
    can make you seriously tired

  5. Start a conversation - if you feel
    yourself drifting away, engaging in a conversation can get your
    mind moving again and wake you up