As a man with a love for the great
outdoors, I know more than most that adventure often means an
uncomfortable night's sleep. During my trips, most nights I can be
found in
 rough shelters, tents,
hammocks, survival bags, boats, caves and igloos. I sleep on wet
mountain sides, tropical jungles, arid desert and in frozen
The great landscapes and
amazing stories usually make it all worthwhile. However, after a
couple of days a good night's sleep in a comfortable bed is very

ben fogle 2

Between writing books, presenting programmes, making
documentaries and touring the world, one can safely say that I
don't have a lot of time left to sleep in my own bed. That's why
when I was first told that I would be receiving a Silentnight mattress I was
interested to see if there were  any differences this mattress
could make. The spring-free mattress has cushioning pressure points
which make it firm but still comfortable. Although I shuffle around
a lot in my sleep, I now wake up fully rested after a relaxing
night in a supportive bed.

It's no secret that I love spending time in the
wilderness and therefore I'm no stranger when it comes to sleeping
outside the comfort of my own bed.  It has its own perks of
course.  However, I would be lying if I said it was always

Storm, my family dog, has also enjoyed the perks of
sleeping on a Silentnight
. In addition to my mattress I also received a bed
designed specially for dogs. I was worried as she is a labrador and
therefore quite big but I was promised that this bed would provide
her all the special support that a dog needs. She loves it and can
even stretch in it.

Being able to rest properly is crucial for me as I
know that once I'm on the road, I won't be able to get much sleep.
My Silentnight bed has become
the place where I can plan my next adventures and where I can also
sleep peacefully. I recommend this bed to everyone but
especially to those who are constantly on-the-go. If you have very
long days or travel often, this mattress will allow you to enjoy
the best of both worlds by allowing you to get plenty of rest so
you can manage to go on plenty of adventures.