Living the life of a celebrity can
be tiring, never mind juggling being a mum too. Being in the
spotlight 24/7 and managing your family's busy schedule can mean
that sleep falls to the back of the queue.

With many celeb mums getting less than the
recommended eight hours per night, we thought we'd highlight our
pick of celeb mums who could do with a few extra hours in bed.

Suranne Jones

After recently having her first baby, BAFTA award
winning Suranne Jones, can testify that life with a young baby is
hard and sleep comes second. After claiming in an interview with
the BBC that she was "tired out", we think she could definitely do
with following some of our top tips to make the most of your child's
sleep routine

Janet Jackson 

Actress and singer Janet Jackson recently surprised
everyone with the big news that she's pregnant at the age of 49.
This means it is time for her to postpone her tour and rest before
the baby arrives. Sleep often doesn't come easy during pregnancy -
but entering the second trimester can see things improving,
although there may still be the odd niggle keeping you awake at
night. She could do with taking a look at our tips on how to sleep
when you're pregnant in your second trimester here. 

 Abbey Clancey

Although Abbey's youngest child Liberty Rose turned
one this week, she has recently claimed that she and husband Peter
are still struggling with sleep deprivation. The last year has been
a busy one for Abbey, after being crowned Strictly Come Dancing
champion, writing her first novel AND judging a modelling
competition. We recommend giving the unique baby trick that went
viral on YouTube a go to settle Liberty off to sleep. Master the

 Coleen Rooney 

After giving birth to her third child this year,
Celebrity Mum of the Year, fashion mogul and footballer's wife
Coleen is definitely long overdue a lie in. Not only this but she
is currently judging for 2016 McDonald's Football Mum of the Year
Award, looking for mums who go above and beyond so their children
can enjoy playing football, week-in week-out. We suggest Coleen
slows down a bit and gets some rest in before she is due to set off
and support her husband at the Euros this summer. 

 Jools Oliver

As well as running her own children's clothing line
Little Bird, and being a mum to four, Jools 41 is set to give birth
to her fifth child this August, insisting this is definitely the
"last one". We're sure that Jamie will be cooking up all the right
foods to help give the baby exactly what it needs, but we think she
could do with nibbling on some of these 
8 foods that could be the key to a good night's

Are there any celeb mums you've spotted who you think
need a good night's sleep? Share them with us on our Twitter and