There are health-related sleep studies conducted around the
world almost every day, and there is a good reason why. Sleep is
one of the most important parts of our 24 hour cycle, and in an
ever-demanding world, the importance of sleep is being

Sleep is important because our bodies perform repair-and-refresh
activities during sleep. Sleep is commonly associated with rest,
and people often cite the impact is has upon the body, such as
feeling fresh and feeling energised.

In reality, the amount of energy saved by sleeping for even eight
hours is miniscule. We save around 50 kCal during a good night's
sleep, which is the same amount of energy in a piece of

The predominant reason why sleep is so important is not to do with
the body, but with the mind. Maintaining normal levels of cognitive
skills, such as speech, memory, innovative and flexible thinking,
are crucial to sustaining the brains development.

Feeling energised is more about the mind than the body, and
remaining sharp at work or school and positive throughout the day,
are all cognitive effects.

So if you're looking for reasons to get into bed, do it for your brain.

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