One of our best-loved childhood
brands, Nintendo, has announced that it will develop a device to
measure a user's fatigue and map their sleep, Chief Executive
Satoru Iwata said on Thursday. This will be the first offering from
the company's newly created healthcare division. The device will be
developed with U.S. firm ResMed Inc, which currently makes products
to treat sleep disorders, and will be available in the financial
year ending March 2016. 

In today's day and age of smartphone, tablets and
apps, it seems we turn to technology to solve many of our problems,
including sleep disturbances. Our resident sleep expert, Dr
Nerina, however, advices against using technology in the


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She explains: "Technology such as smart phones,
tablets and laptops have started to play a significant role in
affecting sleep patterns. Spending too much time on social media
sites in the evening, working in bed on a lap top and checking
phone messages during the night are all factors which can affect
quality sleep." 

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