Can't go to bed without your trusty tech? Yet another study
has revealed it could be disrupting your sleep

man and woman tech

The new research from the University of Pittsburgh
School Of Medicine has warned that obsessively checking up on
social media sites before bed
is affecting the quality of our sleep

Young adults who frequently checked social media
before bed throughout the week
were three times more likely to suffer with sleep disturbances.

It also found, those who spent the most time on
social media throughout the day were twice as likely to battle
sleep disturbances. 

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
scientists said, "Those who cannot sleep may surf sites to while
away the hours until they can fall asleep".

"Difficulty sleeping may lead to increased use of
social media, which may in turn lead to more problems

The effects of technology no teenagers' sleep have also been in
the spotlight, following research from the Journal of Child
Neurology. It suggests constant texting, especially when the lights
are out, may be to blame for teenagers suffering from falling
grades in schools. 

Our sleep expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan says "Your
bedroom is your personal sanctuary. Never bring your work life into
the bedroom - keep laptops and mobile phones out of this room - it
should be a technology free zone".