Research has found the hours of
sleep you get each night can dramatically affect your chances of
catching a cold.

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Researches at the University of California analysed
the sleep patterns of 164 volunteers for a week, before exposing
them to the common cold virus.

Results showed that those who had less than six hours
sleep a night the week prior to exposure we're 4.2 times more
likely to develop cold symptoms than those who got more than seven
hours of rest. 

Dr Prather, who led the research, has urged people to
put more importance on sleep as key to their overall well-being,
following his findings. He said: "It goes beyond feeling groggy or
irritable. Not getting sleep fundamentally affects your physical
health. In our busy culture there's still a fair amount of pride
about not having to sleep and getting a lot of work done. We need
to begin to drive home that sleep is a critical piece to our

If you struggle to sleep, leaving you more
susceptible to the common cold, check out our Sleep Toolkit from our expert Dr. Nerina

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